Hello from The Children of Ra,

 Here's a little information about me, my ethics and what I am trying to do.

The Children of Ra is based in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK. If you ever have the chance to visit Glastonbury, you can find me in The Gauntlet, just off Glastonbury high street.


I am a small business with a very big dream. The shop was just an idea in January 2020 and now its here. A huge majority of the in store stock is imported directly from Egypt. I am lucky enough to work with some wonderful people, artists and families in Egypt to bring you amazing hand carved Stone Gods and Goddesses as well as many other beautiful things. I do this as fair trade and ethically as possible. With the hope in the future to get our own fair trade stamp. In Egypt there is a lot of hunger and poverty, so rather than buying from the already rich. I wanted to give work to families, so I know I am making a difference to peoples lives. I have made some wonderful friends and been so lucky, to be given the opportunity to bring such beautiful things from Egypt to the UK. 

Apart from a small amount of stock both online and in my shop. I have also sourced other items that already have a fair trade, eco friendly or recycled stamp.

Thank you for reading,

Blessings to you from Cara xx