Made from pure Egyptian alabaster. Alabaster is well known for its "Drawing abilities" which enables this remarkable stone to draw in energies that are low or lacking in the user, also alabaster will absorb energy from other precious stones and crystals, so your alabaster items can be charged with properties from other stones.


This Pestle and Mortar would make a great addition to any Kitchen or Alter. It has a number of different uses. I can be used as a chalice and well and a Pestle and Mortar. This is a great spell casting tool.


Approximate size:



11cm Tall

7.5cm Diameter


10.5cm Long

3.5cm Wide at base

1.5cm Wide at top


Made in Luxor, Egypt. And cleansed in Spring water from Avalon, in a Wildflower Meadow near Glastonbury.


Natural Alabaster Pestle and Mortar

  • Wipe with a clean, damp cloth. Do not submerge.