This brass bowl with a star and floral design can be used for the burning of incense cones and resin, or to burn charcoal discs in. It comes as two parts, the detachable lid sits on the base and the smoke escapes through the small holes at the top - using the lid means the smoke can go gently and not all at once but you can leave the lid off if you choose to. The holes are in the shape of stars around the lid and there is a floral design within the brass.

You can put a small amount of sand, ash or a dry grain such as rice at the bottom of the burner to help improve the air flow, especially with a cone. This can also help it to burn and protect the burner from the heat.


Approximate size:

8cm Height 

9.5cm Diameter of base approx 

8cm Central cup approx 


 Before use, place on a heat resistant surface as the bottom will become very hot if used for charcoal.

Made in India.

Brass Bowl - Charcoal Resin burner / Star design