In Egypt the Lotus flower is a symbol of rebirth because every night in closes and sinks into the water. When the Sun comes up, it rises and opens again.


A little about the Egyptian Chakra....


Base (Red) Renewal

Deity: Osiris

Osiris is lord of the Netherworld, kingship and divine in mortal form.

The Base Chakra is for taking pride in family. Feeling connected in the pgysical world. Feeling safe and secure.

Stone: Red Jasper


Sacral (Orange) Transmutation

Deity: Anubis

Anubis Lord of the underworld. He is the guardian of the shadows, shaman, digestion, and instinct.

The Sacral Charka is for freeing creativity, over coming emotions, forming healthy relationships and healing the inner child.

Stone: Carnelian


Solar Plexus (Yellow) Purification

Deity: Sekhmet

Goddess of strength, power, boundaries, protection, fire and healing.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is for building self-esteem, having a positive outlook and taking responsibility for your self.

Stone: Citrine.


Heart (Green) Abundance

Deity: Hathor

Goddess of beauty, joy, music, love, dance, nourishment, fertility, and maternity.

The Heart Chakra is for developing forgiveness and compassion. Opening the heart. Releasing attachment to old wounds and balance.

Stone: Malachite.


Throat (Blue) Resonance

Deity: Thoth

Thoth is the Lord of time, learning, magic, writing, and measurement.

The Throat Chakra is for speaking your truth, making healthy choices, trusting the greater good.

Stone: Turquoise


Forehead (Indigo) Revelation

Deity: Isis

Goddes of wisdom, intuition, higher intellect, perception, vision, devotion, high magic, sacred love, fidelity, mysticism and drawing aside the veil.

The Forhead Chakra is for balancing intellect and intuition by opening the mind and trusting intuitive insights.

Stone: Lapis Lazuli


Crown ( Purple) Ascension

Deity : Horus

Horus is a spiritual warrior, mastering consciousness and self – realization.

The Crown Chakra is for finding the sacred meaning in life, living in the moment and surrendering to the divine. Feeling unity with all.

Stone: Amber and Gold.


Each of our candle holders are made out of natural Capis shell, and each have a beautiful Golden rim and base.


Diameter is approximately 13.5cm.

These candle holders are hand made in the Philippines.

Lotus Candle Holder - Blue Ombré

  • Wipe with a damp cloth.