Alabaster is a rock formation grown over millions of years beneath the earth's surface, it has been likened to the pristine skin of a beautiful woman or the smooth texture of stone statues. Formed from age old Gypsum (E gyp t sum) and related to Selenite, this special rock is known as a "drawing stone" attracting energy that is low or lacking within its user. Alabaster also has the property to absorb energies from other stones and crystals making alabaster capable of acting almost like an esoteric energy bank. Alabaster is known as the protective stone that teaches its wearer how to be calm and grow stronger.


Spiritual Healing : While meditating with the Alabaster crystals, a person can expand the ability to forgive others. Alabaster inspires positivity when it is used at home.


Approximate size:

20cm in High


Made in Luxor, Egypt. And cleansed in Spring water from Avalon, in a Wildflower Meadow near Glastonbury.


Natural Alabaster Vase

  • Wipe with a damp, clean cloth. Do not submerge.